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Discover little hand-drawn wonders, find inspiration, and unique products.

Welcome to the world of artmefree.

artmefree is all about hand-drawn doodle art, in black and white with inspiration from technology, nature, shapes, and architecture. I love mixing these elements to create something unique while sticking to a simple black pen.

You can find lots of ideas for drawing and learn about my own creations. I also sell cool stuff with these designs, like prints and wearable art. Join in exploring the mix of creativity and technology at artmefree!

What are you looking for?

Explore all of artmefree’s creations and find inspiration in the various drawings from futuristic doodles to surreal landscapes.

Unique and affordable eye-catchers for your home, find your favorite art prints on canvas or poster.

Or wear the artmefree signature style out in the streets with my shirts and other garments.

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Learn more about my products and bring a special piece into your home or wardrobe.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

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